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Culinary heritage in rural and small-town Bulgaria

On November 22, Tuesday, Bulgarian scholars will talk about the historical gastronomy in Bulgarian villages and small towns. The symbolism of the orchard, of cherries, of yogurt and meat, food between imagination and carnal experience, its role in the construction of identities - the diverse themes are arranged in three panels.

Dr. Vihra Barova, who is one of the founders of our association Around the Table, will speak from 10:10 a.m. about the rediscovery of culinary traditions in the Rhodope village. Colleagues will offer a new look at the idea of ​​the Bulgarian "jar economy", made famous by the work of Eleanor Smollett.

We look forward to hearing the last lecture in the program, where Dr. Ivanka Abadjieva will make the less obvious connection between culinary traditions and social work.

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